Saturday, March 15, 2014


things, all around me, falling apart;

harder I try, heavier they fall.

two disintegrating suns, and an isolated moon,

and yet the shadows always lengthen; yours and mine.
I snort: where's the cosmic balance in that?
and still the shadows lengthen.

I unscream, and a door creaks, shutting out light.

grab at the rusty knob and the door creaks on still.
eternal clouds rise, and hush my mind
but those raspy voices are all over me, still.

I wish it were only my dream, you know

the kind you get inured to, in a few years or more.
only, it isn't.
is it still only a dream if you never wake up?

here, quicker the rise, deeper the fall.

hear, milder the bonds, slower the release.

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