Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hush! Here they come, Ho!
Of borders and vices, barrels and smoke;
With fingers that claw into blood and death,
Ruins of purple, of angst and of yoke.

Shy we of our slain? their valour in vain?
Palled by political feign; supreme, shall Terror reign?

Lo! The castle falls, behold!
Of eastern tides and western brothers, bulls and bears.
Dollars vested, woes buried, futures bought;
Now? melted, undone; while Hope, through despair, glares..

The poor, turning greyer; untold miseries in store?
Culture in chaos, lives enclosed; History's encore?

Blinded by darkness, no escape in sight...
Cornered. Pressed; hither must we lie?
No! Forever, remember:
Fences were made, for those who can't fly.

PS: My apologies. For the mess I got myself into in the previous semester; for the time I took to realize, recover from it; for all the related circumstances thereof: the blame, all of it, I take entirely upon myself. This will not happen in future.
PS: The feel was partly inspired by:
"When you have come to the edge of all the light you have
And step into the darkness of the unknown
Believe that one of the two will happen to you
Either you'll find something solid to stand on
Or you'll be taught how to fly!"
- Richard Bach
This was the status message of a CS friend of mine (she is, I am positive, oblivious of this blog or the author :P) and somehow appealed to me greatly.

PS: And yeah, though late, this poem is a tribute of sorts to the two recent, mammoth events of the year.


Prashant said...

studd yaar...didn't know we had a poet too !!

Chaitanya said...

Nice one :) Finally a second post and the poet cometh out.

"Fences were made, for those who can't fly."

I'm gonna remember that for a while :>

Vinay Hegde said...

:) thanks..

Finally a second post: yes.. uff!! :P

deepti said...

worth the long wait vinay..!!

kirtika said...

1.Very thought-provoking..
Introspection is such a good medicine sometimes..
2.About me being oblivious,yet another reminder for me to get over my 'generally-lost-in-her-own-world' kind of image.. (sadly that is true to a certain extent.I wouldn't have known of this, except for your status message and you telling me about the PS, but then... I am not *that* ignorant of the world around me)
3.About Richard Bach -- Welcome to the gang ! [70 mm smile]

Boneywasawarriorwayayix said...

@Annavaru with A in capital and me humbly bowing down....

I knew all about Anna the Karate Black belt, Anna the tt player, Anna the chemistry studd, Anna the biology studd, Anna the Linux-studd....And you never cease to amaze me. Now we have "Anna the poet". Levelll maga...

Lo! The castle falls, behold!

The 'Lo' in the above sentence made me think about the way you would have said "Lo, urbeda hogu....", whenever anyone calls you Anna. :D

Daanammaley!! :D

pri said... comments!!! :D

apparently a wrong place to say tat!!! so i say this... i guess ill havta go in search of "devru" to understand tat!!! :P

more seriously.... a realy good one there Vinay!!! ur a pro!!!

All hail the Anna....!!!!!

Vinay said...

Oh! thanks.

Introspection, yes..
About Bach and your '70mm smile' :D, thanks.

Saaku saaku :) Thanks anyway.
Take it as KannaDa 'lo' itself if you want. Doesn't matter much :P

You mean the/our 'devru'? :D :D :D Hmmm.. Really?

sudarshan said...

*taking bows as he talks*
Brilliant blend of contemporary and classical.Contemporary theme and a classical language makes for a great read.

"Culture in chaos, lives enclosed; History's encore?"

Certainly hope its not History's encore but that line sums it up for me.

Great going but nothing surprising because people have always found themselves in search of more superlatives to describe you